Obama administration sends gay ambassador to Muslim Libya and does notknow why he was sodomized and murdered

Obama administration sends gay ambassador to Muslim Libya and does not know why he was sodomized and murdered

By Julio Severo
Fingers have been pointed, by the mainstream media, to the potential culprits of the Islamic, anti-American riot in Libya, resulting in the murder of the US ambassador and other Americans. The main culprit is an anti-Mohammed movie made by a Coptic Christian in California, they say.
It is easy to blame a Coptic man. Thousands of Coptic Christians in Egypt will suffer much more than they have been suffering since that the al-Qaida Spring began, aided by Western powers. Forget that the murderous riots coincided with 9/11. And forget that the homosexuality of Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, was no secret, to America and Libya. A gay American first broke this story yesterday, here.
Young Chris Stevens with his homosexual lover

Yet, everybody is keeping silent about this secrecy. Let the Muslim world know the American “audacity”, as al-Qaida adherents would say, to send homosexuals to their “sacred” lands, and expect more violent and murderous riots.

In this point, the US government and media have a big opportunity, in the eyes of the whole Muslim world, to teach a lesson to “homophobic” Libya.
Yet, the Western powers are very aware that it is diplomatic and military suicide to try to teach such a lesson to these “homophobic” nations.
It is much easier to blame Christians and let them suffer the consequences of bad diplomatic and political decisions. So the Obama administration and media chorus say, “Blame the anti-Mohammed movie!”
When a homosexual is murdered by non-Christian and often homosexual murderers in a Western nation, blame Christians, especially ministers. Yet, when a homosexual is murdered by Muslims in a Muslim nation, refrain from blaming Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims will do what Christians never do: murderous riots.
To cover up the sodomization and murder of a US gay ambassador by Muslims in a Muslim nation, the anti-Mohammed movie will be the perfect excuse to deflect attention from the Obama administration’s bad decision to insult Muslims by sending them a gay ambassador.
Chris Stevens sodomized and murdered in Libya

And Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in other Muslim nations will once more time pay a high price for the foolish US foreign policy.

Source: Julio Severo in English: www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

United States: between Gayland and Mohammedland

United States: between Gayland and Mohammedland

Largest Protestant nation in the world doesn’t know if it wants to be Sodom or Saudi Arabia

By Julio Severo
In American schools, Islam is becoming compulsory subject in many places. In Colorado, students were forced to sing the song “Zikr”, written by A. R. Rahman, one passage of which says: “There is no other truth but Allah.”
In 1963, the Supreme Court ruled that Bible reading in schools was unconstitutional, banning the Christian sacred book in classrooms where most students were from Christian homes. Today American students are forced to sing that Allah is the only truth, under risk of an accusation of “Islamophobia.” What will follow next? Compulsory Koran reading in the classrooms?
Confusing, isn’t it? I agree, but the confusion goes beyond this. In Pennsylvania, Ernest Perce was wearing a “Zombie Muhammad” Halloween costume. As Christian, I don’t like Halloween, but Christians don’t go around beating anybody up because of Halloween costumes.
But some Muslims do. Talaag Elbayomy, a 46-year-old Muslim, attacked Perce physically. Sgt. Bryan Curtis, the attending police officer, testified that immediately following the violent incident, Talaag attempted to choke Perce.
In Saudi Arabia or another Islamic nation, the judge would clear the Muslim.
And in America, what would happen? In fact, what happened?
Judge Mark Martin cleared Talaag of all violence, physical assault and attempted murder charges.
Soon afterwards, the judge and his staff moved to a more secure place, alleging that they received 200 phone calls and negative e-mails.
In an interview to Daily Caller, Ernest Perce said that he received some 500 threats since his Muslim aggressor was cleared.
“People have said that they would kill me, rip my eyes out, run me over, shoot me and then laugh at me, since I have blasphemed Muhammad,” he said. “They say I will be found out and hanged in front of my family.”
Unlike the judge and his staff, Perce has no special security apparatus.
I don’t know if the judge is Muslim, but he should be jumping for joy over what the US government did in the UN. There is a bill before the UN sponsored by Islamic nations banning “defamation” of Islam, although it masquerades as a law banning defamation of all religions. In that case, if a Christian preaches a message that might offend Muslims (i.e., to say that “Jesus Christ is God”, a high offense in the Islamic law) and Muslims attack that Christian and kill other people, under the UN law the only criminal in this case would be the Christian, who “incited” the crime! (My issue is: Did Muslims learn this strategy from gay activists or will gay militants eventually use this Islamic strategy?) The proposal was about to be defeated, but Obama rescued it, intending to pass it in the UN.
Hey, how did Barack Hussein Obama become president of the largest Protestant nation in the world and besides is working to expand protection to Islam in the UN with an anti-“Islamophobia” law that will promote the “religion of peace” in the whole world?
The ancestral roots of Obama are, on the paternal side, entirely Islamic. On the maternal side, he has progressive evangelical roots. Do you know what you get when you cross a Muslim with a progressive Protestant? Look at Obama, a man promoting the Muslim ideology and the homosexual ideology at the same time! This is something so confusing that Americans themselves don’t know if their own president is Christian or Muslim.
The Obama administration has become essentially the genie of the magic lamp for gay militants and Muslims in America and around the world, ready to comply with their most eccentric requests and demands, strengthening them in all of their anti-Christian hate.
That coexistence of two apparently antagonistic and irreconcilable tyrannical — and equally and fervently anti-Christian — ideologies in the politics of the largest Protestant nation in the world is the essence itself of “Babylon”, a word that means “confusion” in old Hebrew.
If on one side the US government is working for the UN to pass an international law to punish criticism to Islam, on other side America makes no secrecy about her wish to be a global LGBT sex cop to punish “homophobia”, putting me and other Christians directly at risk.
Traditionally, Communists have always sicced their mad dogs on Christians. With the powerful machine of the American empire taken by politically correct madness, Obama wants to sic Islamic and furious gay activists on us!
Unfortunately, the Protestant decadence of Obama is also reflected in the Protestant decadence of the American nation. The largest US Protestant denominations — Presbyterian, Lutheran and Anglican — are already ordaining homosexual ministers.
The numbers of Protestants and Protestant churches in the US are falling. What is increasing are mosques. Since 9/11, the number of mosques doubled, from 1,209 to 2,106 in 2010.
Is Obama to be blamed? Actually, this problem precedes Obama. Immediately after 9/11, George Bush, an odd evangelical conservative, began proclaiming Islam as a “religion of peace”. Next, in a genuinely insane move, the US government under Obama began to show preference for Islamic immigration.
Muslims have always identified America as a Christian nation. Thus, when a US administration intervenes militarily in an Islamic nation, Muslims take revenge by destroying churches and killing ministers and other Christians.
Christians, then, pay a high cost for American interventionist politics. And if those unfortunates try to apply for asylum, or even a visa to immigrate to America, they are often rejected immediately. But their Islamic oppressors are always welcome to asylum or visa benefits, with the paranoid courtesy of the US government, under the Obama administration.
In fact, under Obama the US government has extended that courtesy to gay activists around the world, who now have preference to immigrate to America, immediately behind Muslims.
The result could not be different. Islamic madness is invading America. Traditional Protestant churches in America are already being turnedinto mosques. And if the churches escape this cruel Islamic fate, they may well end up as gay bath houses!
If the decadence in the American churches doesn’t end and if the US government continues its passionate courtship of Islamic ideology, in the not so distant future a Brazilian tourist arriving at New York will no longer gaze upon tall buildings, but upon tall minarets.
And in the Christian bookstores, you may be able to find the bestselling book, “A Purpose-Driven Mosque,” perhaps by Rick Warren, if he continues his ecumenical courtship with Islamic leaders.
Portuguese version of this article: Estados Unidos: entre a Gaylândia e a Maomelândia
Spanish version of this article: Estados Unidos: entre Gaylandia y Mahomalandia
Source: Julio Severo in English: www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com