PayPal implicated in criminal activity

PayPal implicated in criminal activity

By Julio Severo
WND, which I consider the best conservative newssite in the world, ran an explosive headline yesterday: PayPal implicated in bank fraud.
Who could imagine: PayPal, which moved to exterminate my account, has now become the focus of a money-laundering scandal.
Don Hank, the owner of Laigle’s Forum, had this to say about the WND headline: “Now link this story with the way PayPal heavy-handedly refused service to Julio Severo because his web site opposes gay marriage, and you can see how radical social agendas and their implementation are actually a symptom of a deeper-lying criminal mindset. It is criminal capitalism linked to criminal government (which did nothing to protect Julio), a potent cocktail of pure sleaze.”
In my case, the hostile PayPal behavior was followed by the suspicious behavior of two US gay groups.
On August 21, 2011, the Human Rights Campaign was recorded visiting my blog in a tracking report. This is the most powerful homosexual organization in America. In the next few days, AllOut, a heavily-funded gay group, launched an online petition campaign to have accounts of 10 pro-family groups cut off from PayPal. Even though I am not an organization, my name was included in this public gay campaign, and my account was closed.
The PayPal case, where my situation was mentioned, was mostly covered by the US Christian media. See one of the video reports:
WND has also produced an excellent, extensive report:
Last December, PayPal closed my account definitively. To me, PayPal explained that I am ineligible to receive donations from my friends and readers because “you are not a registered non-profit organization”. To AllOut, PayPal explained that they closed my account because “We take very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation”.
Now, I can no longer receive donations from my friends through PayPal.
In a listing of the top ten anti-Christian acts in 2011, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission ranked the gay pressure on PayPal as fourth top anti-Christian act, as reported by Charisma magazine.
Now, see the giant’s dirty hands that moved against me incited by a US gay group. To read the full report, follow the WND link:

PayPal implicated in bank fraud

Alleged money-laundering scheme by global finance giant involved billions
NEW YORK – A former employee of one of the world’s largest international banks who has provided WND with more than 1,000 pages of evidence alleges the Internet giant PayPal and American Express are implicated in an international money-laundering scheme involving hundreds of billions of dollars.
The whistleblower, John Cruz, was a relationship manager in the southern New York region for the London-based global bank HSBC.
“I found many accounts where PayPal and American Express were used as conduits through which hundreds of thousands of dollars were deposited or withdrawn from HSBC customer accounts in a pattern of suspicious transactions that should have been reported to legal authorities under various banking statutes, including the Patriot Act,” Cruz told WND. (WND source: “PayPal, American Express implicated in bank fraud”)
Portuguese version of this article: PayPal envolvido em atividade criminosa

Gay Pressure on PayPal Named as Fourth Top Anti-Christian Act of 2011

Gay Pressure on PayPal Named as Fourth Top Anti-Christian Act of 2011

Commentary by Julio Severo
Americans were asked to name the top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2011 in the US, and the fourth place was given to the homosexual effort to close PayPal accounts from a list of ten Christian organizations, including me. For a long time I have been under attack from Brazilian gay activists. But this was the first time that an American gay group blacklists me with major Christian groups.
Read the full article here:

Top Anti-Christian Acts of 2011 Revealed

The year 2011 saw plenty of anti-Christian rhetoric in the media—and plenty of anti-Christian acts against every day Joes and Janes standing up for what they believe.
DefendChristians.Org, a ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, asked its members to vote on the top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2011 in the U.S.
“I am always surprised at the results of our poll and this year is no exception,” says Dr. Gary Cass of DefendChristians.Org. “The fact the No. 1 and No. 2 issues are public policy and political in nature shows Christians are very concerned about the political direction of the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if this translates into a strong political response in 2012.”
Here are the results of the voting:
10. NBC television network twice took the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in its lead up to the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club.
9. In Franklin, Mass., a pro-life man was beaten by the police for peacefully handing out pro-life materials. The police accused him of conspiring to plant bombs.
8. A Christian man in Minnesota was fired from his job because one of his female co-workers attended a Bible study that his wife led.
7. A Christian Florida teacher was suspended after school administrators discovered his support of traditional marriage posted on the Internet.
6. In Kalispell, Mon., pro-lifers were attacked by a firebomb during a prayer vigil in front of an abortion clinic. No one was hurt, but a police officer remarked pro-lifers should expect this sort of reaction to their activities.
5. Because of a complaint filed by the ACLU, the liberal 9th Circuit Court ruled that the Mt. Soledad War Memorial in San Diego was unconstitutional.
4. A homosexual activist effort caused investigations by the online money transfer company, PayPal, against pro-family Christian organizations.
3. A Bible study was shut down by San Juan Capistrano, Calif., officials who claimed the group needed a permit because it posed a risk to public safety and health.
2. President Obama declared June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month” and hosted a White House celebration by homosexuals.
1. California Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill forcing public school curriculum and textbooks to “celebrate” homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals.
What’s your take on the top anti-Christian acts of 2011?
Source: Charisma via Julio Severo in English:

World’s biggest gay magazine and Julio Severo