Good News from Russia: Russians Made Homosexual Agenda Roll Back

Good News from Russia: Russians Made Homosexual Agenda Roll Back

Dr. Scott Lively
Good news on the homosexual battlefront is rare these days, and even when we get it, the victory is usually in the form of a delay in the advance of a particular homosexual goal rather than a clear defeat of their agenda. The “tabling” of the Illinois “gay marriage” bill recently, and of last year’s sexual orientation regulations (SORs) in Springfield MO come to mind. (Notice how there’s never an actual vote to strike down the proposed pro-homosexual policy when our side rises up in protest, just a delay until the progressives — meaning regressives — think it‘s “safe’ to proceed).

Rarest of all is news that the homosexual agenda has actually been rolled back. We got such news this week about Russia, which just passed a law criminalizing homosexual propaganda in that nation. Rather, most of us didn’t get the news, because the coverage was weak trending toward invisible since the mainstream media can‘t yet figure out how to spin it to the advantage of the “gays“ (but watch for many future stories about “innocent“ activists — i.e. professional foreign provocateurs — being “brutally“ suppressed by Russian authorities — though never a word about how the Russian policy preserves family-based society and avoids the moral meltdown occurring in the West).

Frankly, I heard the news only when called by a Russian TV network for comment. Their crew drove up from New York yesterday afternoon to do the interview and filled me in on the details. They knew to contact me because of an AP story in which I had been interviewed before the final passage of the law. President Putin apparently signed it into law on July 1st. Here’s that story, which is also posted on our home page at
I have enjoyed very few actual victories in my 25 years of front-lines ministry on this battlefield, so it is hugely gratifying to have played a role, however small, in the enactment of this law. This ban on homosexual propaganda was one of a few specific policies I had advocated in my 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007. Significantly, the first version of this law at the local level was in St. Petersburg where I released my Letter to the Russian People in October of 2007 near the close of that tour.
Here in the United States it would not be possible to pass such a law these days because of the way our First Amendment has been misinterpreted in recent decades by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Founders would have had no such problem, but “free speech” today means “pro-gay” speech (as well as such important forms of expression as nude dancing and anime child porn) but speech pointing out the many dangers of homosexuality is no longer protected in many cases since the rise of so-called sexual orientation regulations (SORs) which define “anti-gay” Bible-quotes and similar “hate speech” as illegal discrimination. Who would have thought that the Russians would become the world’s champions of family values (relatively speaking) while the U.S. would trash its own constitution to normalize sexual perversion?
I’ve just learned that the World Congress of Families will hold it’s next international conference (WFCVIII) in Moscow next year. I would like very much to be there for that and have started a fund to cover my expenses to get there. Starting today, all donations not specifically designated for some other purpose through our website at will go into a special WCFVIII travel fund.
I would like to take the opportunity of that trip to suggest ways to build upon the Russian policy and promote its adoption in other countries.
In honor of what the Russians have done I’ve decided to finally publish our Russian version of The Pink Swastika on our website. That project has been stalled for a long time, even though all the chapters of the 4th Edition have been translated and edited for publication in Russian. I need to find someone to translate the captions on the photos and graphics into Russian but that’s the only hold-up.
I will also send a letter of thanks and congratulations to President Putin, along with a copy of the English version of The Pink Swastika.
I urge you to spread the word about this important and encouraging pro-family development.
Comment by Julio Severo: Seeing the good example of Dr. Scott Lively, why do not we contact the Russian embassy in our countries to express our thanks and congratulations to President Putin for the anti-homosexualist propaganda law?
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