US Supreme Court Genocidal Law Confronted by Major Pro-Life Decision of Alabama Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Genocidal Law Confronted by Major Pro-Life Decision of Alabama Supreme Court

By Julio Severo
The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that a law that protects people from chemical endangerment is also applicable to unborn babies. The state court decision showed that unborn babies are endowed with personhood and they deserve respect.
Such a decision, which is having repercussions in America and provoking the wrath from the Left, collides with the US Supreme Court, which legalized abortion in the infamous Roe vs. Wade in 1973.
The Alabama case, which is casting doubts on the legitimacy on the federal protection of abortion, involved a woman that smoked meth three days before her baby was born, who lived for only a few minutes. The autopsy showed that the baby died from methamphetamine exposure.
In her defense, her lawyers argued that if it is not a crime to abort a baby, it is not crime to expose him to dangerous drugs.
According to the abortion law that is in force for forty years, if the drug-user mother availed herself of the murderous services of an abortion clinic, she would face no legal problems, because in America abortion is allowed in every month of pregnancy, even on the day of childbirth.

The abortion federal law treats unborn babies as mere disposable items.

The major decision of the Alabama court against the woman that killed her son outside abortion hospitals and clinics may give a light of hope in a nation that for years championed world Protestantism, but today boasts of championing the “abortion gospel” in the UN and throughout world.
After legalization on January 22, 1973, 55 million American babies were murdered, for all conceivable reasons and even without a reason. It is by far the largest act of genocide committed in American soil.
More than three thousand children are murdered a day, and the pro-abortion president does not offer a single sigh of condolence for the victims of an American government more and more obsessed with playing the role of a world ambassador of the culture of death.
America is today a society accustomed to the genocide of the innocent. The massive salvage slaughter of unborn babies is equated with nothing more than the extraction of a decayed tooth.
This year, pro-abortion groups will celebrate 40 years of legal abortion in America. It is the most macabre birthday in all the American history.
The attitude of the Alabama court of restoring the dignity of personhood to unborn babies dying of drug exposure may be a first important step in confronting the Supreme Court with its shameful genocidal law.
The only way of stopping that insanity is for the US Supreme Court to see what the Alabama court saw: If it is a crime to expose any citizen, inside or outside the uterus, to dangerous drugs, it should be a crime to kill not only people outside the uterus, but also inside it.
If such understanding spreads and prevails, the insane American law should be revoked, the shedding of innocent blood should stop and Americans should repent and mourn the fact that for decades they have allowed, approved and consented the genocide of the innocent.
The Alabama Supreme Court has taken an important step against the federal abortion giant.
Let us pray that God may transform that small step in a mortal blow in the giant.
Let us pray for the Alabama Supreme Court, especially Justice Tom Parker, and its fight of pro-life David against the pro-abortion Goliath, the US Supreme Court.
Reviewed by Don Hank

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