US Government Invited Brazilian Psychic to Avert Sandy

US Government Invited Brazilian Psychic to Avert Sandy

By Julio Severo
After Superstorm Sandy, everybody knows what happened: tragedy. What many ignore is what happened before: spiritual tragedy.
According to Istoé, a major Brazilian magazine, Brazilian psychic Adelaide Scritori had travelled in a hurry to the Caribbean Islands by invitation from the US government and an insurance company in New York. Her purposed mission was to weaken Superstorm Sandy.
Adelaide Scritori

Her husband, who is also the spokesman for Chief Coral Snake Foundation in Brazil, said that her mission was a success, because without her intervention the superstorm would have claimed thousands of lives.

This is not the first time that psychic Scritori intervenes in America. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, she also invoked spirits and, according to his followers, she “saved” thousands of people.
A Reuters report said that her followers believe she can help control climate patterns. She claims to make contact with an ancient spirit known as Chief Cobra Coral (Coral Snake) who, according to legend, is powerful enough to influence natural phenomena.
“She goes into deep concentration so that she can communicate with the chief,” said Osmar Santos, her husband.
Her foundation says that Chief Cobra Coral is “a spirit believed to have been Galileo Galilei and Abraham Lincoln.”
Coral snake

Her organization, which claims to integrate spiritualistic powers with scientific technics, has made partnership with city and state administrations in Brazil, and major Brazilian political officials seek her advices and services.

Her Brazilian website sells songs from candomble, an Afro-Brazilian religion similar to voodoo and Santeria. The songs, sung by men and women possessed by African spirits, are intended to influence human affairs.
The Pilgrims, who made a covenant with God dedicating the young American nation to Jesus Christ, would have been dismayed if informed that the future America would invite a psychic to invoke dark spiritual powers to solve a national problem. Such an invitation, in itself, is a huge problem.
Are not there enough men and women of God in America for the US government invite to pray? Are not there anymore men and women in America with the faith the Pilgrims had?
During national tragedies, they did not seek psychics and witches. They worked to clean their land from witchcraft and wickedness.
There are events that only God can avert. Other blood-shedding events can be averted by wise human decision. This is the case of the Arab Spring, which began and advanced under unwise decisions. By the instigation of the US government, moderate Muslim governments in Arab nations were thrown down and replaced by radical Islamic governments, which are already persecuting Christians more than before.
And now America, which appealed to a Brazilian psychic, wants to be shown the same mercy that she has not shown to Christians ravaged by a cruel Arab Spring stirred up by Marxists in the White House.
National tragedies are not a time to seek witchcraft, but God. Seeking witchcraft in a time of tragedy is a sure sign of a nation heading for more tragedies.
Arab Christians are calling on God to protect them from the Arab Spring, or al-Qaeda Spring, or Arab Tragedy. As for me, I am praying for them and also against the pro-abortion and pro-sodomy cultural imperialism from the Obama administration and the UN.
I pray also that Christians in America may be powerfully strengthened to intervene so that the US government may stop instigating the blood shedding of their Arab brothers and sisters, stop imposing its pro-sodomy and pro-abortion imperialism around the world and stop inviting Brazilian witches to invoke dark forces.
Are not the dark forces in the White House enough?
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