Has Obama failed to advance leftism in America?

Has Obama failed to advance leftism in America?

By Julio Severo
Roberto Unger, a prominent Brazilian politician and an adviser to Obama in 2008, said that “President Obama must be defeated in the coming election” because “he has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States,” according to a Daily Mail report.
Roberto Unger: Obama “failed” in the progressive cause

He also said that, “despite their fierce rivalry, the Democrats’ agenda is little different to that of the Republicans”.

In this point, he just confirmed my suspicion: the leftist agenda was advanced in different degrees, by Democrats and Republicans, throughout the world through the US government. (Of course, Ronald Reagan is a notable exception.)
Daily Mailsaid that “Mr. Unger is a renowned politician in his native Brazil. He has twice run for president of Brazil… Unger was one of the founding members of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party”.
With his impressive credentials as a professor at Harvard Law since 1976, “he has also advised on politics throughout Latin America.” Has his advice failed to help advance the progressive cause in this region? In any case, Latin America is becoming a Union of Latin American Socialist Republics.
He has taught law with a progressive bias for more than 35 years, and has no one in America noticed? Other prominent Brazilian Marxists, including Fernando Henrique Cardoso, have also been professors in prominent American universities.
Harvard, established in 1636, was named after Puritan minister John Harvard (1607–38), who bequeathed to the school his books and half of his estate. Although never formally affiliated with a church, Harvard primarily trained Protestant ministers. Today, although never formally avowing Marxism, Harvard primarily trains leftists…
If the original intent of Harvard’s Pilgrim founders were implemented, Unger would have gotten the boot. If Unger’s original intent were implemented, Obama would get the boot for being a “weak” progressive. As for the Pilgrims, Unger would have expelled them from Harvard and America because they were not progressive at all!
Mr. Unger’s most famous student was Barack Obama, who attended Harvard Law School in 1988. He studied jurisprudence and the art of “reinventing democracy.”
Obama has indeed reinvented the de facto leftist democracy built up over for decades by Democrats and Republicans, but this is not enough for Professor Unger, who is a respected author having published dozens of books on economics, philosophy and politics.
In his view, Obama “has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States.” Apparently Unger expects his students to establish “democratic” governments in the model of the Soviet Union!
In Unger’s thinking, Stalin should no doubt have been defeated because he “failed” to advance the communist cause in Russia, and Hitler “failed” to advance Nazi ideology in Germany…
Unger reminds me of Anglican Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, founder of the Progressive Evangelical Movement, a NGO composed of leftist Protestant militants in Brazil. Cavalvanti was a member of the socialist Workers’ Party, founded by former President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva. It is the ruling party in Brazil today. Cavalcanti left this party because, in his view, it betrayed socialism!
I just wonder why Cavalcanti failed to get a professor’s chair in Harvard to teach Obama and others.
If America had followed the intent of her Christian founders, she would never have had an Unger in Harvard or an Obama in the White House. Harvard would keep training ministers, not leftists. The White House would stop being a house of horrors advocating internationally sodomy and abortion. And Reagans would be the rule, not the exception.
Portuguese version of this article: Obama fracassou em avançar o esquerdismo nos EUA?
Source: Julio Severo in English: www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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